Sophie The Slug

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The challenge in Sophie The Slug

Sophie The Slug presents you with challenges in the maze. You have to destroy all the obstacles and rescue the green worm from the closed maze.
The challenges of this game will take place in a closed maze. You have to control a green worm and help it escape this maze. While finding your way out of the maze you will face some obstacles such as wooden crates and rocks. The wooden crate is an indestructible obstacle, you can only push it out of your way. For the rocks, you take the momentum and put a lot of force and break it. You just need to clear all the obstacles and help the worm to escape the maze to complete the challenge of the game.

Unlock the new challenges

This game has up to 80 levels waiting for you to explore. Each new level opens will surprise you with new challenges It requires you to have other skills to overcome them. These obstacles can be stones and can also be wooden boxes, they appear with more frequency on the map. With a mechanism that can only push to one side, it makes it easy to make mistakes and get stuck in these challenges. You will have to remember to use the help to overcome the obstacles to be able to pass the level. Do you believe you will conquer this game? Join the Kick The Buddy website and unlock all the levels, let's get ready for this challenge.