Spiderman into the Spiderverse: Masked Missions

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The inspirations

Spiderman into the Spider Verse: Masked Missions will take you into the society of spiders, you will play as Spiderman about performing complex tasks.

This game is inspired by Marvel Studio's Spiderman into the Spider Verse film, which shows you another side of the world of Spider-Man. Here you will have the opportunity to meet spiders in different worlds, these spiders are all trying to do their job to ensure the order of the world. When joining this Spider-Man world, you will also have to perform different tasks, these tasks will also have different requirements. Your task is to collect golden spider silks and spider marks, while you also have to avoid bombs, specific gameplay will be guided shortly.

Control you spiderman

Your mission will take place outdoors, specifically on moving trains. The items that you must collect will appear on different ships and you must move between these ships. You press the up arrow key to jump on the ship above and press the down arrow key to jump on the ships below. However, while moving between ships, you need to be careful, if you jump into the intersection between 2 trains in the same row, you will die. While moving, you also need to avoid bombs because when it explodes, your health will be reduced, and you will die as soon as the health bar runs out. You can also collect timers on the track to extend your playtime, complete these challenges and transform into a super Spiderman.