Subway Surfers

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The journey in Subway Surfers

About New York

Subway Surfers will take you on an adventure around the world, you must help Jake escape the pursuit of the police to be able to continue this journey.

This game revolves around the character Jake & a naughty boy who is always chased by a strict policeman. Now we are in New York - Jake's hometown, because he is in his hometown, this boy also became more daring when he dared to draw graffiti at the subway station. This action happened many times and it angered the policeman standing nearby, the policeman was very angry and decided to let Jake pay for his actions. Thus, an endless chase was opened in a New York subway station. All trouble is caused by Jake, but the person responsible is you, you have to control your character to run fast to escape from the police's pursuit. New lands are waiting for you to explore, don't let this policeman stop you, move quickly and make the most of your flexibility and escape.

Obstacles you have to face

The biggest challenge in this game is the policeman, in addition, we also need to pay attention to some obstacles on the road such as ships and barriers. Since we are standing at the wrong train station, there are many ships carrying passengers and goods. When moving on the tracks we also have to face moving trains, it requires us to be agile to be able to escape. Moreover, we also have to face some barriers on the road, they cannot move but they will appear with a dense frequency that makes it difficult for us to avoid. Tell them all the above challenges are to test your agility, you can't fall if you don't want to get caught.

Control: Use the left or right arrow to steer left or right, press the up arrow to jump, and press the down arrow to slide. You click on the Spacebar to activate the hoverboard.

Escape the cop with power-ups

This game also creates power-ups to strengthen your character and easily escape the policeman. These power-ups can be purchased with coins that you collect during the run or can also be picked up during the run. Magnets have the ability to attract all the coins on the road, shoes help you jump higher in a short period of time. X2 helps you double the number of points during the run and a very important thing is the hoverboard. This hoverboard can save your life when you have an accident, you should collect or buy many of these power-ups. You must remember that the hoverboard only takes effect when you have an accident while you are using the hoverboard, it has no effect after the accident. You can also upgrade these power-ups to gain maximum power.