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The levels in Sudoku

Sudoku is a brain game, your mission in this game is to arrange the numbers on the board to fill the board according to the rules of the game.

Your task is to fill a 9X9 board with the numbers 1 to 9 at the bottom of the screen. On this board, there are already numbers with different values, you rely on these available numbers to complete the game. These numbers appear more or less depending on the level you are playing, the game has 3 different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. At the beginner level, this task is very easy because there are quite a few numbers already arranged on the board. I believe any player who has played this game can overcome this challenge and it will take about two minutes per player on average. Next is intermediate, this level is for players who have mastered the gameplay, usually it will take players about three to four to complete this mode. The task here becomes more difficult because the suggested numbers have been withdrawn. Finally, advanced, this is an extremely difficult mode, it not only requires players to understand the rules but also challenges the player's intelligence.

Arrange the number on the board

Now, I am being to tell you the principle of arranging the numbers on the board, this is a 9X9 board, so there will be a total of 81 numbers on the board. This means that each number will appear 9 times, after appearing 9 times at the top, these events will disappear at the bottom of the table. To be able to arrange these numbers on the board, they must not overlap horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Even these numbers can only appear once on the 3X3 mini-grid. You use the mouse to position these numbers on the board.