UNO Online

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About the cards

UNO Online is a familiar card game, now it is available on the Kick The Buddy website, you have to continuously play the cards to become the winner.

The cards of this game are divided into 2 different types, which are normal cards and function cards. But as a normal card with 4 main colors, blue, green, red, and yellow, these cards will have a value from 1 to 10. But the function card is to change direction, change color, plus 2, and plus 4, these cards will perform the function corresponding to its name. The card that changes direction will change the direction of play in case you play with 3 or more people, when you play in 2-player mode you will get another turn when playing this card. The 2 plus card will cause the opponent to add 2 more cards, the color change card will help you change the color of the hand to the color you want. The plus 4 card is a combination of the plus 2 cards and the card that changes color, when you activate this card, you will make the next player have to draw 4 cards and change the color of the whole hand.

Rules of this game

You use the mouse to select cards and play, for normal cards, you can play by color or by the number appearing on the card. For example, when your opponent plays a card with a value of blue 4, you can play any card that is blue or play a card with a number of 4. For special cards, the cards change Afternoon, the plus 2 card and the forbidden card are played only when it is the same color as the card your opponent just played. For cards that change color and add 4, you can play freely. One note is that when you have 1 card, you need to press 1 to Uno, if you don't Uno you will be penalized by drawing 2 more cards.