Who Moved My Radish

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Who Moved My Radish will entertain you with challenges through many different levels. Please help the rabbit avoid the traps and eat the carrot.
This is a very simple game, you just need to control the rabbit to the position of the carrot and eat it. However, to get to the carrot, you need to clear the obstacles on the way. For the iron cages that can hold the rabbit, you push the wooden crate and block it. At this point, your rabbit can move through the iron cage without fear of being trapped. Another type of foreign obstacle is the orange potion. You can use a wooden crate to block it and also smash it completely. To be able to break these vases, you need to drop the wooden crate from above.

Some other features

To move objects in this game, you use your mouse and click on the object you want to move. Then, you click on the location you want to move to on the map, it will move to the location you specified.
This game will take place in 63 levels, the low try will be updated according to these levels. Depending on the complexity of the levels, it will have its own solution.
At each level, the game will create a tutorial screen in the right corner of the screen. Here, the game has also put a help, you can use it when you can't think of a way to complete the task.