Cookie Tap

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The interesting things in Cookie tap


Cookie Tap is a cooking game with a special way of making cakes, you just need to use the mouse and click on the screen to create new cookies.

If you have ever played the Clicker Heroes game, then I believe you can easily get used to the gameplay of this game, in the Clicker Heroes game, you will have to click to destroy the demon, while this game loves requires you to click to create cookies. These two games have similar gameplay but they have different purposes. Your goal in this game is to create a lot of quasi and build your own empire.

Generate new cookies

You will see a giant cookie appear in the middle of the screen, you use the mouse and click on this cookie to make it create small cookies. This is not the only way to make cookies, sometimes there will be smaller cookies appear, you click on this cookie and collect it. You can also upgrade your factory to make it more productive and produce more cookies. Because this game has a simple way to play, it just requires you to have patience, do you believe that you are patient enough to participate in these games?

Use power-ups to get more cookies

Once you have made a lot of cookies, you can use the money from the sale of cookies to buy machinery and expand the production process. You buy the curser so it can automatically affect the cake and create the cookie. Curser is quite cheap, so the benefits it brings are not much, you should only use it in the early stages. At a later stage, you should use other power-ups like farm, factory, etc., these power-ups are more expensive but the benefits it brings are great. You can also upgrade these power-ups to gain more value. Even if there are power-ups to help, you still have to click to create cakes. When you click continuously, the amount of cake you create after each click will increase exponentially. But you have to click continuously to keep this value, are you ready to play and become the owner of a cookie factory?